Economic & Jobs Plan

The next Mayor of Long Beach needs to provide visionary economic leadership for our city. Long Beach experienced some tough times recently, as previous irresponsible fiscal management made it difficult for our local government to respond to the post-2008 economic collapse. But thanks to hard work, a willingness to make tough choices, and the creativity of our diverse and invigorated residents, we have made incredible progress in the last few years.

We have gone from budget deficits to a budget surplus and from pension spiking to pension reform. In addition, we have increased our reserves and have begun to pay down our unfunded liabilities. We are turning the corner to better economic times. Still, we all know Long Beach has even greater potential. Our shared goal of fostering a city where economic opportunity is available for all is still incomplete.

I am determined to make this city a fantastic place to live for all. I’ve always believed Long Beach is the greatest city in the world, and I am confident that our best days are ahead of us. 

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