More Police & More Firefighters

Long Beach City Council Approves Funding for Public Safety from Measure A Funds

Thanks to your strong support of Measure A, approved last June by Long Beach voters, we have begun making critical restorations to public safety and have launched our $150 million infrastructure plan. Measure A funds police, fire, and infrastructure investments and I am happy to report that we are delivering on the promises made to voters.

A couple months ago, we restored Fire Engine 8 in Belmont Shore and restored the Long Beach Police South Division for Downtown. Belmont Shore and Naples had been without a permanent Fire Engine for years, and Police resources had been stretched citywide when we consolidated from four divisions to three. Thanks to you, we restored those critical functions.


And last night, we made additional Measure A restorations. We brought back the Paramedic Rescue for North Long Beach to improve response times across the city, and we restored the critical Police Academy training unit headquartered out in East Long Beach. This important police unit will ensure that we are not pulling police officers off patrol to train our new recruits.  In total we have now increased our police force by 19 and our fire force by 18.  In addition, we are spending millions of Measure A funds to rebuild our aging fire stations and safety infrastructure. 

I am looking forward to working with the City Council to continue to grow our Police and Fire Departments. 

Thanks to Measure A, our 3-4 year infrastructure plan is the largest public infrastructure plan in a generation. We will fix more streets, sidewalks, parks, and storm drains than we have in over 50 years. We are starting our Measure A investments in West Long Beach and Uptown, and those projects will spread across the city. If you want to see the Measure A plan, click here.

We promised voters we would spend these tax dollars on public safety and infrastructure, and that's exactly what we are doing. Thanks again for your support.

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