Safe Surrender Gives Every Child a Chance

As you may have heard, an abandoned infant was found deceased in a North Long Beach alley yesterday. I'm incredibly saddened and angry about this, and I hope you will keep this innocent child in your thoughts and prayers with me.

While the cause of death is being investigated, please remember that Los Angeles County has a successful Safe Surrender program. Any mother can leave an infant baby at any of our fire stations, hospitals, or police stations - no questions asked. The child will be cared for and placed in a safe, loving home.

All Safe Surrender locations are anonymous, safe and legal. "No blame, no shame, no names."

Every child deserves the chance to grow up healthy and safe.

I want to thank County Supervisor Don Knabe for his leadership role in establishing this program in Los Angeles County, and for his continued advocacy for the health and safety of newborns.

To learn more about Safe Surrender, go to or call the helpline at 877-222-9723.

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