Thank you for supporting MA, we won!

Thank you so much for your support again. Measure MA, the local marijuana tax, is poised to pass with more than 68% of the vote in Long Beach.

Your support, trust, and commitment to our city has been an incredible source of pride and inspiration. 

We put Measure MA on the ballot to ensure that we had the resources to regulate and manage the developing statewide marijuana industry. MA was not a vote for or against marijuana use - it was a vote for public health and public safety.

In the last year, you have always supported your city. You passed Measures A & B, when we put them on the ballot, and now you have strongly passed Measure MA.

I also want to thank you for supporting Measure E for our schools. Measure E will help rebuild our classrooms and athletic facilities across the city.

Thank you for always prioritizing the interests of our city and for your enduring trust. 

Mayor Robert Garcia

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