The 2016 Budget

Today I was proud to present the City's 2016 budget to the City Council. The budget is prudent and responsible, with a $630,000 surplus, and includes additional money for crime analysis and combating gangs and violence; maximized enrollment in our police and fire academies; support for small businesses; enhancements to streets, sidewalks, parks and the City’s entrances; and our first changes to street sweeping times and routes in 30 years, which will reduce parking restrictions and make parking easier and more convenient for residents in impacted areas.

The budget also includes significant funding for infrastructure repairs, support for youth and parks programming, grants to the Long Beach Museum of Art and the Arts Council for Long Beach, and many other important expenditures. 

You can read all the City’s budget documents, including my recommendations to Council, here:

I want to thank the City Council, City Manager, all Department Heads, and every member of the City’s staff for keeping spending within our means and showing great fiscal restraint. Thanks to those efforts, even with the drop in the price of oil that reduced our revenues significantly, we are in a strong place fiscally, and I am confident we will continue to show the prudence necessary to keep our budget balanced without reducing services.

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