Unemployment and Water Usage Drop

We just got great news about some important numbers for Long Beach. Water usage and unemployment both dropped, and those lower numbers mean Long Beach is moving in the right direction.

First, our unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in 7 years, down to 7.7% from a peak of 14.6% in July 2010. New businesses opening in Long Beach, and other businesses expanding helped more people find jobs in our city this year. We still have work to do, and many of our residents still need good-paying jobs, but we are making progress. I will continue to do everything I can to bring tech and green jobs to Long Beach, support our Port and shipping industry, and work hard to market Long Beach to the international business community.

Another number that was down in May is our water use. In fact, we broke a new record last month, using less water this May than in any May since 1958. Long Beach is leading the way on water conservation, but we have to continue conserving, and permanently change the way we use water, because the drought shows no signs of letting up.

I want to thank our Economic Development Department as well as the Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network for their great work in support of our city’s economic growth. And I want to thank our Water Department for their leadership on conservation. We still have work to do on both fronts, but the progress we’re making is excellent.

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